Enterprise profile
Lantian Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter LANTIAN),a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program, established in the year of 1999. LANTIAN specializes in flue gas de-sulfurization, de-NOx and dust removal business. LANTIAN adheres to independent innovation, which owns the Post-doctoral Research Substation and the High-tech R&D Center on Air Pollution Control of Zhe jiang Province. LANTIAN, as a leading supplier in the comprehensive solutions of flue gas treatment, has rich EPC experiences in flue gas purification, small and medium sized utility boilers, the overall industrial boiler islands, refuse incineration boilers, and biomass power generation, etc.   
Xuzhou Kerong Environmental Resources Co.,Ltd.(formerly Xuzhou Combustion Control Technology Co.,Ltd, stock symbol : 300152, hereinafter Kerong Environmental)established in the year of 1980, and it has 11 branch companies and subsidiary companies currently. It became the the holding shareholder of LANTIAN in March of 2014. Depending on the strong capital strength and overall environmental protection industrie of holding shareholder-- Kerong Environmental, LANTIAN supplies advanced flue gas treatment solutions with high efficiency for various industries, safe and reliable.

Corporate Culture